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Trip to Wallaroo/ Point Riley

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Hi Guys,

Headed up to Wallaroo in Nov with the family and doing some land based fishing. Probable hit the Jetty once or twice, pretty sure I heard it was open all the way now.

Wondering if anyone can offer some advice on Point Riley. I've been told to go off the rocks with a surf rod.

What can be targeted there, rigs and bait.

I've not really done a lot of rock fishing but I have heard for Sqiuid just run a Jig underneath a float.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. 

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Nice spot to go but I've never fished there - only driven past as a tourist :rolleyes:

I have heard it is open to the end also, but it is also dependent on any ships coming in.

This site generally lets ppl know if it is closed/open. https://portmis.flindersports.com.au/

Point Riley is good for Salmon & Salmon Trout atm and just maybe there could be be some still around when go up - worth a flick maybe.

Yeah, a jig under the float but would probably need to be wary of depth (low/high tides) so not to get snagged.

Enjoy the trip and hopefully you can let us know how it all went :) 


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