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I often watch fishing show on tv and youtube and one that i really like (although in it's last season)is big angry fish, one of the guys has been developing these scoots (as he calls them) basically they are saltwater flys tied onto a sp jighead, these are nothing new they've been around as long as i can remember in on form or another, i bought some tinsel, thread and glue some time ago but kept forgetting to make them until i was watching an episode the other day were they went scoot fishing (no bait).

I pulled out the gear i had bought and some craft supplies i had got from my daughter and proceeded to make a few test ones.2015277136_Myskoots.jpeg.284f617d238c3f99ad1cafee2b4b934c.jpeg

These are what I've made and thought i would share, and ask if anyone has done anything similar for saltwater use?

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I watched the episode of Big Angry Fish when Nathan, one of the shows presenters, introduced his scoots. Apart from the the fun of making his own lure he said he made the scoots because he was fed up with the Leather Jackets destroying his soft plastics. I've never used them so can't attest to their effectiveness but I can see that they would probably hold up better to a mauling by a Leathery.  

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Yeah for sure when i first started kayak fishing i was using berkely sp's and they are the worst for bite offs they catch fish really well but i don't think they are cost affective, there are some sp's that definitely out fish others but i would probably only use them in tournaments or offshore where they will catch what im chasing hmm or whats chasing my sp lol

My choice of sp's are zman as they last and catch, and then i use scent which helps fire up the bite, up till now I've been using x factor but the zman scented use pro-cure so this time i bought some in squid, but im interested in trying some of the other flavors aswell 😉

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