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Brilliant idea :)

I make a lot of burley pots and have a lot of customers who want one that opens up at the bottom.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to get it to work, as the design I want to use has a two kilo base but will have another play around during the Christmas break :)


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Yeah I've seen a metal pot with a hinged bottom activated by a vertical steel rod - the rope you lower the pot with is attached to that verticle steel rod - you lower the hole thing gently - then give a sharp tug - the raising of rod, trips a latch that releases the hinged bottom. Ill try to find the vid - I think it was an English shark fisherman who used it - it looked pretty ancient

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11 hours ago, David_C said:

There are definitely a few different designs out there!

Yeah when it comes to trying to making money from a device - it needs to have the cheapest components possible, while still offering 100% effectiveness and strength in a saltwater  environment.

Plastic and lead are the answer - but asking the right questions is the key to getting it right😉

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