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Government, fisheries and how do we get information? ?

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I've joined a Victorian fisheries program called the recreational fisherman's diary program, anyway to cut a long story short!! When searching the fisheries website searching for information on studies done or ongoing all i can find is very old and mostly irrelevant information, so when i contacted the authority i brought this up with them and suggested that people (fisherman/women) would better understand why you make certain areas, limits, and sizes if they were able to access current relevant information on whats going on with the fishery, maybe some publicity in the local newspapers publishing the results, instead of just printing on all there paraphernalia "your license fees at work" as this gives no actual account of what they do😴

Today i rang them again about a study on snapper and flathead they asked me to do, while discussing snapper i remarked on the ban in S.A. and after some general discussion on the subject he told me that a group of our guys are in Adelaide at the moment having discussions on how to manage the recovery, he also said it was a number of reasons that caused the issues and in summary a few bad spawning years coupled with overfishing is what lead to the problems that are faced at the moment, he told me that here in port phillip bay almost suffered the same issues a few years ago, but the interventions setup and monitoring of the stocks via radio receivers to track the breaders gave them the information needed to secure a sustainable fishery.

After my discussion with the fisheries guy he thanked me for the work im doing to help them in their job and said hopefully i can pass some of the information on to other fisherman/women, being the person i am i wondered how could i best get the message out there? Anyway a couple of weeks ago i went to the "gone fishing" day and while there had a chat to some of the guys from the local fishing club, i had been thinking about joining one for some time and tonight i went along to their monthly meeting and joined, on the program for tonight was a discussion on how to target snapper, kings and tuna. This was a very informative night and this also got me thinking about whats been going on in the fishing sector for the last few years and the responce by people as to the affect it has/was going to have on them (both good and bad) "your license fees at work"? The comment by me that the information was not getting out, the comment by them saying that they hope i can help to get more people on board and information out?? Why don't i invite fisheries to come an speak at a meeting and give us the run down of what they are/have been doing with all the information gathered from us the fishers and their scientists? 

Rather than a night finding out how we can catch more/bigger fish why shouldn't we find out how we can help and how the information we could/are collecting for them is used to better maintain the fishery we love to relax in while exerting ourselves reeling in that fish of a lifetime? Could this be a way of getting the information out there to the people who it affects the most? Sure not all fishermen/women are in a fishing club but they do talk to other people at the ramp or cleaning table and pass on information when discussing things that are going on.

I've decided that i will bring it up with both parties and get the ball rolling as i think it's better to know why things are done and when things are going south before they happen rather than after😉 im guilty of complaining about changes they did back when the marine parks were marked out stopping us from fishing in some of the most productive areas, however now that i know why im happy they did it, instead of telling us we are doing it cause we are, they come tell us we need that area as it's were the unicorn seahorse breeds, then we can say well ok take it because i like eating them so let them breed lol

I hope im not ranting too much😴 i just think if we can get them to give us.. no keep us better informed then when things start going south it doesn't get as bad as it has now?

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The problem Peatop is PIRSA is not going to say that the executive government (labor and Liberal) was giving our executives short term bonuses based on meeting KPI's related to increasing the output of the fishery on a yearly basis which encouraged us to promote over-fishing in order for our executives to receive bonuses. What they will do is obsfucate by blaming spawning events or any number of things that distract from the truth.

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