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Palm Cove info wanted

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It's a good video too ;)

We stayed in Trinity Beach (just down the road) in June and the whole area is just so nice.

When we went up to Palm Cove it was blowing a gale and no-one was fishing on the jetty or beach - so can't help with any info.

Trinity had some people fishing the rocks (south of beach), but the short time we walked along there didn't see anyone catching anything - but it was a good sheltered spot from any Easterlies.

The beaches seem to have a good drop away, especially at Trinity, only metres out from the beach.  At Trinity I saw fish jumping out the water from something chasing them - looked good size too.

Apparently you can get a bucket of prawns for $10 at Palm Cove although not on the day we were there :(

But plenty of eateries along there so I'm sure some locals could help out too. 

Sorry can't be too helpful for your question but enjoy the trip though :D 

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I fished it once when on holiday there as a teenager. Fished off the jetty, caught a handful of small spanish flags. Had a hungry cuda latch onto one mid fight. Interesting, but very one sided fight on 2kg mono 🤣

Depending on time of year I would imagine you would get a range of different fish (GTs, travaley, cuda, mackeral, flathead, estuary cod, Jewies, bream, flags etc). Whether they are there in numbers or they just the odd one floats through it a whole other story though.

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Hi there,


Palm Cove jetty produces some great fish -- especially on live herring/sardines castnetted underneath it off the ramp. Huge GT's and spanish mackerel have been caught there. The trouble is the (cursed) sou-easter mid-year that re-suspends the muddy sediments and keeps the pelagics offshore.  So your fishing will be governed by the wind and water clarity. The sou-easter blows for weeks on end (and makes the climate bearable) between about late March and late October. The various mackerel species come right inshore when it clears up in winter.

Here is article for starters: http://www.fishandboat.com.au/articles/item/193-palm-cove-jetty-dan-kaggelis?fbclid=IwAR1gCmDzBEMNR34a88KBKL4BaEGD7bbYRhELv7iPQ4AV8Eqj4o7bBAhU59w

Here are some pics from the young jetty rat who features in the article. Barra school up underneath the jetty but are no easy capture. Suspending unweighted live baits under the lights at night is a proven method used by the locals. Barra don't mind your Murray-River type murkiness at all.




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Just got back from Palm Cove a few days ago,the first thing getting off the plane in Cairns was we all had face masks on plane and in airport but once you step outside no one had a mask on.I asked the shuttle driver why..too hot.. never seen one again in any shopping centre or cafe during the stay over.

The weather everyday was usually 32 and 24deg overnight,air conditioners run here 24/7.The real heat starts in December and goes through Jan & Feb with lots of humidity.Interestingly no flies or mozzies over the 7 day stay.

The water was surprisingly warm at 28deg while the SA coast currently is at 15deg.Water clarity was bad i had been watching the live beach cams (Palm Cove/Pt Douglas)for months prior to leaving and it has been calm but when you get there it looked dirty,if you go in knee deep you can't see your feet.

While travelling from Clifton beach right through to Port Douglas and beyond never seen one person fish off the beach or rocks,didn't even see any boats within eye view if you want to catch fish get on a boat and go out into deep clear water.Didn't even bother taking out the travel rod and reel.Took a few walks along the jetty and asked the fisho's just as info but no locals,all from the adjacent caravan park killing time.

Here's a few pictures one where the wind came up strong a few days before leaving and the stinger stations (vinigar) spread out along the beach and as for catches yes got 2 Barra,will be editing the video soon.






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A couple pics of Pt Douglas taken at a water side cafe called "the tin shed" and next to the ramp.Sat there having lunch watching a school of Kingfish doing loops out in front,surface Kingfish diving one foot you would lose site of them being murky water.Here's a few links of the area live surf cams.






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Nice one SurfcaztR.

I remember going to a salt water fish farm in Ballina and thinking - this is going to be like shooting fish in a barrel - it definitely wasnt.

The owner asked me what lb leader i planned to use - I said 8lb - he said - you wont get a touch on lures unless you use 4lb. These fish have seen every lure and presentation imaginable.

Of course I had to test the theory - only took 45mins to realise 4lb leaders might be the best choice - it made a big difference.

That visit was a bit of an eye opener - at a fish farm where they arent fed live food - their food doesnt look like fish - it looks like pellets - they werent the lure slaying maniacs I expected them to be

The owner came up toward the end of my session and threw in a hand full of pellets to show me what was in the pond. The joint exploded with jewies. They were tracking the pellets through the air before they even landed.

The only lure Id have complete confidence in, is something that looked like a pellet😉




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