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Hi Guys... Not a lot has been happening so I thought I would try something different and that could be amusing to us ALL as I'm sure we ALL have a "One that got away... " tale, so here goes my best one to kick it off.

About 20+ years ago I was fishing with an "old" girlfriend of mine at Qualco near lock 2 on the Murray, in my very distinctive Canadian Canoe "GOODOO". We decided under the cover of dusk to paddle to the lock and sneak past the bouys into the NO FISHING ZONE to catch some Callop for supper. I had a short cheap rod loaded with 6lb line and a 14 hook tipped with a single worm, what could go wrong! After a while (and you know what's coming) I got a good bite which resulted in the rod bending double under the canoe.... F#*@K what the hell is this? I was so careful as this thing was BIG (I reckoned over 20lb easily from my carp catching experience) but this wasn't a carp... no way. It didn't run off like a carp just went round in lumbering circles, I got back a metre of line now and again, edging it closer and closer to the surface then it would dive again in the deep water under the spillway (I reckon 20ft deep at least). This went on for over 25 minutes... my girlfriend said "I hope you don't lose it"... shhhhhh don't bloody say that you'll put the mockers on it!!! Any way carefully and slowly I got this THING closer and closer to the surface until I was sure another turn of the handle and I would see it.... the net is ready.... THEN the line broke at the hook.... F#@$**&%@$#!....

Gutted, never caught a Murray Cod before or since, couldn't sleep in the tent that night and I often think of that fateful evening... the longest paddle back to camp, got rid of the girlfriend, still got the canoe and have never really got over it... ALL TRUE!

Would love to hear similar tales, as we all have them, probably most of us have more than one...



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