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Yellowfin Whiting Tips

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Today I collected around 40 nippers from seacliff and tomorrow I want to put them to use off the beach - but when and where?

I haven't done much fishing over the last decade so want to make these count. Where and when would be the best bet?

I see Tennison has been good, I know that Seacliff is popular for YFW, and I have seen people fishing for YFW off Somerton. Where would you go?

I gather best time probably the first 2 hours after low tide?

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I will start by saying that i have never caught a metro YFW but.........................................

have caught a few at Pt Vincent 🎣

I generally catch & use the nippers same day but I guess if you keep em well they'll be ok.

So, low tide to collect then fish the run in tide almost straight away, running ball sinker, # 4 or # 6 long shank hook.

I walk back in with the tide until the bite stops.

I've seen folk @ Seacliff catching at both low & high tide, the tides aren't bad tomorrow so I'd try Seacliff around the low.

Hope this helps & let us know how you go :1314_thumbsup_tone5:😀

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Yep, sadly I haven't caught any YF, mainly because I haven't targeted them lol - but hopefully early 2020 that will change.

Any of those beaches would be ok and even Kingston Park area - just south of seacliff.  Northern beaches more so for success.

The incoming for sure and hopefully the yippers are ok - they tend to go soft (well softer) before too long - but they are an ideal bait.

I'd go a size 6 hook with running sinker.  Bottom hook > running sinker > hook > swivel.  6lb fluro carbon leader if you have it.

Good luck.

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I used to do pretty well at Somerton, been a few years since i've fished it but can't see why it would be any different now. If you can get away with fishing near people sometimes that works well as the YFW hang about feeding on what ever there feet dig up while walking about in the water.

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