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Just thought i'd put a thread up of some of the other lures i have painted up at the moment. Originally my main goal was to mainly paint the topwater Lures for YFW and sell them just as an hobby sort of thing. However after watching countless hours of Youtube and reading forums I now know there is alot more i can paint/create and not to pump them out quantity wise. Instead getting creative and painting for Quality and doing it more for myself.

Unfortunately I have painted up most of the blanks I originally had. I have a few hundred dollars worth of blanks, films, stencils and bits and pieces i have purchased being held as  the coronavirus hit most of the areas I purchase my gear from. So am waiting for freight companies to resume there services so i can start painting up new lures..

My main blanks I am planning to paint will be for the upcoming season. So will mainly be Trout, Redfin and Salmon lures. I have a range of Stickbaits, and metals for the Salmon. The Trout and Redfin will be a range of minnows perfect for both dams/lakes and creeks and streams.   I will keep you all up to date with the processes and what I create.  In the mean time here are a couple I have painted over the last month or so ....











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2 hours ago, Softy said:

Any plans to do some bigger lures for Callop?

Potentially. So many other people paint great lures for callop and cod. In saying that

Callop lure blanks are readily available as they are similiar types bass fishos use in the states... plus stencils are easy to come by for them too so they make them easyto paint... 

So if i get some interest i might. Just dont want to be stuck with them and waste $$$

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Cheers all. Got some big plans and ideas running through my mind so we'll see how i go...

Tried something different tonight.... Every Lure painter seems to sign there baits with there signature, but i have fat fingers and its hard to sign on small lures so saw another idea on Youtube and decided to give it a go.... Looks really good in my opinion. just adds that special touch...




I printed on some waterslide transfer paper and then slide it onto the bait... then cleared over the top of it.... I like it as mentioned adds an special touch to a custom job.... Can only do Black fonts at the moment but once i upgrade will be doing other colours to contrast the lure i am painting.... Got something special planned with this water transfer paper, just waiting on my blanks to come!

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