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Captain Spare-time

The tide is high.

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I have a question regarding tides in Gulf St Vincent. 
I’ve been spending a bit of time down south these last couple of months (Wirrina) and seeing as how fishing from a boat (well, tinny) is still very new to me, I’m checking the weather reports regularly to see how windy it’s expected to be on my days off. What I haven’t been paying much attention to is the tide. Contrary to my user name (my mates would have you believe I do sweet FA),  I don’t have a tonne of spare time and so as long as it’s not windy, I’m gonna try get out on the water. 
 As I’m becoming a bit more familiar with the tinny and how to fish from it, I’ve started to look at tide times.
When I check the wind on Weatherzone, it shows me conditions at Parawa. That’s a bit inland but seems to be pretty accurate for the Rapid Bay area. However, the tides given from Parawa are WAY different to what’s happening at Rapid Bay. It seems they’re the Victor Harbour tides. So, I’ve been checking the tide times of various area and I see some interesting readings. 
High tide for Monday afternoon are 

Outer Harbour : 6.08pm

Brighton : 6.28pm

Second Valley : 6.35pm

That makes sense. The high tide sweeps into the gulf from the west and curls thru in a clockwise direction. But when I look around the corner of the Fleurieu  Peninsula to what’s happening at Victor. I would have expected to see a high tide hit at around 7pm but no!! It’s a LOW tide there at 7.34pm. 

This brings me to my question (finally 😂). 

Does anyone know where I would find a map, a video, an animation etc that shows tidal movement in and around our gulf? I’ve done a good bit of googling but can’t seem to find anything simple likes that. 


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That is a hard one :D

I can't find anything for you, but someone might know.

Best I can come up with and it's not video etc. is this (which you may have seen already) - it has a few links or "?" that may help - but not really what you're after. Just click the places you want.



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On 29/02/2020 at 12:40 AM, Des said:

Work your way around spot to spot in the Gulf on here to get a picture of where and how the tides move




Cheers Des. I’ll check it out tomorrow. I’ve had a couple of shandies tonight and I’m feeling a little foggy 😉



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