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Bought some lures today

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After a hospital appointment with my dad all good . I went into TW looking to buy a mat black double clutch. Ended up buying three lures they didn’t have any mat black double clutches I fell to one double clutch I’d be not buying everyone says they are good I’ll try it tomorrow. 

The one I’d like info on the Jackson one any one used this one .



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Ok tried the smaller one this morning . Took me awhile to find some kind of bait fish school well small circles nothing would hit the lure . 

And yes it was cold but warmer than Monday to Wednesday morning waiting outside to start my volunteering job and no fog today 😂

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Gave up using HBs in West Lakes with treble hooks and changed over to single hooks and occasionally a stinger hook tied on.

You won't catch as many fish but you will catch better fish.

If the lure doesn't pin them the stinger often does.

Attach the stinger with 3cm of red wool coz it looks like a blood trail behind the lure.

Makes salmon go nuts.

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