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Hows this for a super quick leader knot

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Yeah there are very few circumstances where I would tie such a knot. Its a bit bulky for my liking

But when I used to chase trout in the early evening - tying leader knots, that took a long time, was dangerous because of the mozzies - those little bastards always know when you have both hands full and cant swat them away😉

I used to set my self a 5 bights, then pack up rule - but tying an fg would have meant I couldnt defend myself - quick knots like 3 turn surgeons and double uni's were the go under those circumstances. (But they were also the reason my leader knots would break😉)

Since discovering the fg - my leader knots break so rarely I dont even consider that they will - but if one did, in a mozzie infested area - having a quick leader knot like this would have come in handy😉




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