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Robe and surrounds in a couple of weeks

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Headed to Robe on a couple of weeks. Looking for tips for land based fishing. I will try long beach for Mulloway as have had luck there before.

What else?

Any beaches likely to have nippers for pumping?

Would have liked to jump on a charter but looks like there are none!


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Don't think you'll find much in the way of nippers down there. 

The bream lakes are good fun, definitely an option when the beach is quiet or weather doesn't allow. 


Both Robe and Kingston jetties can hold an assortment at times. Flathead and smaller salmon pretty common. Not my first choice to fish but an easy option if all else fails. 

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Have just come back from a break away to Mt Gambier/Robe /Beachport way and Robe is a nice place.

I didn't really get a good look around fishing wise, but what I did see was some good fishing beaches between Stoney Rise and West Beach.

The local beach looked ok and jetty/breakwater looked as if they would produce something.

There are Mullet and Bream in the lakes too ;) 

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