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The one that got away?

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G'day all,

I got caught up in the hype around the new Bait Junkie lures, watched all the vids I could find then went & bought 8 different packs, 4 grub & 4 minnow.

I usually use the Zmans with some success so was keen to try the newcomer.  My plan was to fish the Junkies around Vincent next week, in areas that i have had success with the Zmans.

But like a kid with a new toy, I just couldn't wait. Headed down the Port yesterday, low tide, to Snowdens, which I was hoping was out of the strong SW winds. It was windy but i took the chance. 2-4kg rod with 4lb mono on a 1000 reel to avoid wind knots.

Started with the grub, sticky little bugger, on a 1/12 jighead. Had a few hits but no takes, small fishies I'm guessing. Changed to a minnow on a 1/16th jighead & caught a just legal St 1st cast. The wind then got up even more making casting difficult so I moved to the boat launch pontoon. 

Second cast there & the lure hit something, weed maybe, then my line did a big curve towards then away from me & the line just peeled off my reel as whatever it was headed to deeper water, What the hell have I hooked.

The rod had the J-curve going & the reel was still letting line out at a rate, tightened the drag as much as i dared & was still losing line like nobodies business, I thought I was going to be spooled. I had to try & stop whatever it was so used my hand to stop/slow the reel & you guessed it, busted off.

The fish? only gave a couple of pulses before the bust off & nothing during the "fight". Had it no idea it was hooked? Had i foul hooked it? 

Any ideas as to what i had hooked? 


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Geez, you were getting me excited with that fish, what ever it was, spooling you.

I was utmost disappointed for you when mentioned "busted off" :( 

I can't give you any idea what it could have been, but with 4lb line I suppose it doesn't take too much of a weighty fish to bust it.

The pleasing thing and most excitable thing is .... it was spooling you - what a great excitement I reckon ;) 

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You might have foul hooked a ray if the plastic was on the bottom. If it took the plastic mid water I reckon it was just a good salmon. On the light stuff they can just steam off and not look back. I had one do that to me while bream fishing once in encounter lakes, salmon went on a 40m run (though i landed that fish around 3kg). You do get decent salmon on occasions in the port. How mucg line does the reel hold

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