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Raking Crabs at Metro Beaches. Any Tips on Method?

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I've never raked for crabs on the metro beaches, but keep hearing reports for places like Tennyson and West Beach. I've spent many hours raking for crabs on the Yorke Peninsula and the norther flats, but at these places the tide goes out a long way and exposes weedy spots where you find the crabs. It seems quite different to metro beaches.

Any tips on methods for the metro beaches? Do you still look in weedy spots? Do you need a very low tide? Any help welcomed.



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A couple of years ago i got a feed from Henley South 🦀, They were all on the float. I used my fishing net to grab em but a crab rake would have been easier, less water resistance.

I was wading around the flat near the Torrens outlet flicking plastics so I guess it was run out then run in tides, probably with a large variation between high & low.

I've seen people with BBQ tongs in the gutter that runs or ran pretty much from the Torrens to Tennyson.

Good luck & let us know if you get any.

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I've never raked for crabs .... or netted for them either :unsure:

From what I have read and seen what other people say, it doesn't seem to be any different - in theory.

I suppose a very low tide gives you more 'opportunity' of finding more of them.

But as you mention, I have also heard of current raking success around West Beach and Semaphore beaches.

Good luck.

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For starters use a hook not a rake. Rakes are for gardens.


You get a lot less weed in your tub and don't rip up the ground.


Just tap the crab so if raises it's claws and hook it in the "elbow" or "shoulder" joints easy.


Attached is a pic of my hook. A bit of 4 or 5mm stainless rod and a handle.


This handle is a cheap hammer handle I cut to just over the width of my palm. have seen file handles used as wellf670ef26a3b153a07ee515a168c34ed8.jpg


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