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Check out this guys powered beach cart

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18 minutes ago, keenfisho said:

Pretty cool, but that’s a lot of rods, who needs that many for a trip🤪

The guy is from America and some states have crazy allowances for how many rods and hooks you can have in the water at once.

"Current Texas law allows each angler to have as many 100 hooks in a water body at one time. A single line may contain as many as 50 hooks.Oct 8, 2019"

But even in Aus - if you were chasing multi-species, having 12 prerigged rods could be handy - 4 for snapper - 4 for whiting and some assorted squid jigs, gar float rigs and lures on the others.

Alot of snapper fishos over here keep spare rods prerigged, so they can get straight back into the action on a hot bite, if the fish swallows the hooks.

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14 hours ago, Plectropomus said:

are those reels Saltigas????!!!! There are 17 of them!! Saltigas are over a grand each!!! 

Ahhh so that’s why there was some “player hatin” on the Facebook page🤑

I couldn’t work out why there was an unusually high amount of negative vibes being sent his way, as I didn’t recognise the reels. 

I was just marvelling over the ingenuity and workmanship of his cart - without realising these photo’s were “flexing”with a heap of expensive reels

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