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Rod tip repair

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Some idiot broke the tip of my Savage Black rod. I've repaired it, so I thought I'd document it.

Damage was right at the very tip


I wanted to reuse the tip if I could, so I had to strip back the epoxy and remove the old rod graphite, a simple scrape with stanley knife exposed the wrap


I unwound that and measured the old tip thickness


No wonder it broke, so bloody thin :)

Removing the old rod section I was now not worried about damaging it so I used a hot air gun which would damage the resin of the graphite but hopefully not the eyelet but would melt any glue. 



Easy peasy. I put a 1.4mm drill down it to clean out the gunk but was obvious the sleeve was 1.5mm to allow for glue space so I also put a 1.5mm down it

Forgot to take a photo, but the break was pretty clean and the break end on the remainder of the rod was 1.45mm so I decided to glue the tip straight on. I used superglue aka cyanoacrylate  which apparently is commonly used.

To align it I used a bamboo skewer through 3 eyes with tape around it to match each eye diameter, a blurry photo but I think you get the idea


I then bound (wrapped) the eye end to the rod with 80lb braid and used a bit of superglue to hold that in place. I'm probably going to epoxy it as well.

I could have used thinner braid but this stuff I use for assist hooks and I liked the idea of a bright orange tip

The 6'10 rod is more like 6'9 now 😆, but at least it's not a bin job!



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12 hours ago, Elecmuso said:

Nice job. I was interested because I have one to fix myself. But when I looked at the ceramic part of your recycled tip I noticed a notch in the ceramic. Where it is circled. Is that meant to be like that?

It's a reflection or something, just checked under strong magnification and it's all smooth. I used soft/padded tools when I removed it.

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