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Got up early this morning to try for a squid or two off the Smoky Bay jetty only to find that it was burning.

Ratbags playing with fireworks last night must have started the fire and it had been smouldering for hours. I rang 000 and the local CFA unit responded very fast, but the damage meant that burnt planks had to be removed making the jetty a safety hazard. Who knows when it will be repaired.



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1 hour ago, doobie said:

Geez there are so many idiots around.

Good on you snafu for your quick action :91_thumbsup:

Do you know if the jetty is fully closed or just up to the missing planks?

Earliest estimate is 30 to 40 grand in repairs.

Fully closed.



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2 hours ago, Softy said:

Idiots. Dare say if they are locals they will be copping it from all angles from the people in the town.

There has been a bit of finger pointing towards a couple of blokes who come down from Alice Springs each year around his time. They usually bring a heap of fireworks with them (legally bought in the NT) to stir the locals.

Proving that it was them may not be easy though.

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