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Beach worms on Eyre Peninsula

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3 hours ago, Chimay said:

Hi all, Heading over to Coffin bay in March and wondering if anyone has any tips on places to find beach worms in the area?

Cheers Trevor

Not sure for Coffin Bay, but I'm only guessing that they might found over at Pt Lincoln north beaches - only because they get YFW there, so presume there could be some food of the worms.  Just depends if you want to drive there 'if' c/bay area doesn't have any.

Good luck.

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I've found some scientific distribution data that suggests they are only in Gulf St Vincent, north of Port Noarlunga, but I know they can be found at least as far south as Normanville. Will just have to keep an eye out while I'm over there.

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On 22/01/2021 at 5:38 PM, Chimay said:

Thanks for that. As a backup I'm guessing there must be seaweed worms on quite a few beaches over that way.

Finally got a reply from TW PL.- but isn't really helpful.

" Sorry for not getting back to you sooner, it’s something we don’t get asked often. As far as we know and have asked nobody has really tried to get them that we know.

There maybe seaweed worms around but as to exactly where we are unsure.
Sorry we couldn’t be more helpful but it’s not a bait that is used a lot around here."
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I threw this reply back at them and got this lol

"No worries Alicia and thanks for your reply.

Just thought with yfw in your local north beaches there could be worms for food, so thought they hopefully found their way around to Coffins lol
TW ...We get them in winter down on the front beach and also clickers but more on the Lincoln side."
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