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Inspired by a frustration of not being able to buy lures in the colours I want (popular = sold out) and also wanting to tweak some designs, and by the need to build something to understand it, I have foolishly picked up yet another hobby.

I was going to start with wooden lures as I'm already set up for those, but the fear of mucking up the paint job on a wooden lure that I've spent hours on I decided to start with blank plastics which are very cheap.

eg. A bent minnow copy is about $2


BTW, it's not a great copy, the Chinese penchant for price ahead of attention to detail means the centre eye is a piss poor screw in so I had to make a new eye, drill a suitable hole and epoxy it in. The surface is not textured like a bent minnow, but I have a solution for that down the track. None of these lures are tuned either.

Anyway, they are good for painting practice. I bought a cheap airbrush, tweaked it a little per youtube and voila I got a semi reasonable result and learned a heap in the process.  I especially learned that the less than optimal epoxy from AMC doesn't flow all that well and despite using a rotisserie and a heat gun it was hard to get a smooth surface.

So here's the early attempts.


Happy with the yabby. The earlier version I realized was more coloured like a cooked yabby :)


But perhaps fish like cooked ones too 🤣.

Having enough fun that I may invest in a better airbrush.

I've done a bulk order of crankbaits to practice painting on, which I will likely sell at cost if someone is looking for a specific pattern:



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On 06/02/2021 at 3:46 PM, keenfisho said:

Looking good mate, let me know on the crank baits, I can never have enough lure candy

I'll post up excess down the track, certainly will be doing some 'no longer available' Daiwa RPM brown craw inspired, but anything else people can no longer buy but have a desire for would be a good challenge. One of my aims is to paint up our own local SA bait fish so trying to match a design is good practice.

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2 hours ago, doobie said:

And a squid on the lure - stupid squid :lol: 

Oh I dunno, it's as sexy as hell.

2 hours ago, Softy said:

Nice work! Gotta be a pretty good feeling catching them on your own lures!

Yeah, it's extremely satisfying, especially as I tweaked the design of the middle hook eye and it held on a ~40cm salmon spinning me 720 degrees on the yak - it's interesting the salmon mostly hit the centre hooks too.

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Oh I forgot, the other thing I almost caught on the pished pilly, but glad I didn't, was an albatross. It picked up the lure on the surface and flew off, I thought oh shit and wondered whether to jerk the line or not but it dropped it after a few seconds. I thought it must have worked out it wasn't a fish but as soon as it hit the water it dived back after it and I had to crank fast lol. Then again, I could have found out what flavour albatross is 🤣

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Mass production! A school of pished pillies :)


Why so many? Well I am marketing them as a fashion accessory, catches fishies and the ladies!


I think I've found a clear coat I like but it takes a week to set so it's yet to be proven but it's way better than the other epoxy I tried. Marine varnish was a complete failure for durability, hook rash was terrible.

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