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New EPSN AFL login required 2021

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I just received an email like someone of you probably have about new login/ etc for the EPSN tipping/comps.

I clicked the red log-in the email - when the page displays click the Red Play Now button which will send you a code to copy/paste.



Here's the email info.

We wanted to let you know of some important changes to the way you access your ESPNfootytips account.

From 10/2/2021 your ESPNfootytips account is now part of The Walt Disney Company login system so if you already have a Disney account, you'll be able to login to ESPNfootytips with the same credentials.

Your ESPNfootytips experience won't change - you'll still be able to tip with your friends and family on all your favourite sports, all year round, but emails such as your password reset when you first log in will now come from ESPN.

Unfortunately, some users will be required to select a new display name. If you need help rectifying any account issues you can check our help section here or send us an email.

We therefore strongly recommend logging in to ESPNfootytips today to ensure you can log in and ensure your account is up to date so you aren't scrambling when footy returns.

Please remember to use your email address to login, as your username will no longer be valid. You can find which email address is associated with your account here.

Don't wait until the last minute, make sure your account is ready for footy season today.


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2 hours ago, Meppstas said:

I've been trying to change my user name on it for a week and it won't open.. it's still letting me use my old user name..

I had to 'rejoin' via that red play now button.

Email address was the same but had to change password.

Once 'logged in my username was the same as previous.

Maybe you need to rejoin via the red play now button (using your email address), you then get a code emailed to you.

Copy/Paste that code and then you need to create a new password.

You'll get a couple of emails confirming.

Maybe then log in and maybe you can change your username then (if you want).

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I did rejoin and changed my name and password & set my user name, it still comes up as meppstas on the ESPN site..  I can still access it anyway.. I haven't even come across the red play now button.. just the one below, I click on it & nothing happens....

We have noticed you have not set a display name yet. Your current display name is meppstas

Click Update below to change your username so others will recognise you on leaderboards and throughout your competition.

Update my display name
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