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I have a number of questions regarding this app and hoping someone may be able to help. Here goes.

Is there a SIMPLE way of entering coordinates and saving the mark without having to spin those wheel things then show the point then mark it? There's got to be an easier way!

Is there a simple way of importing marks from a database?

Are there any public databases of commonly known marks that can be simply imported rather than laboriously inputting each one manually?

Is there a setting to have your marks shown WITH the name displayed next to them?

Got lots more questions but those are a start...

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For an app. that is supposedly so great this seems an incredible oversite. But perhaps it is an intentional disabling to encourage users to upgrade to a more expensive Garmin product (Garmin purchased Navionics apparently).

Not only is it time consuming to have to manually enter the marks (which for me is all public domain stuff anyway), there is a high probability of a coordinate error. Not just when you 'dial up the numbers' but also when you click on the map with your finger to start the name/save mark process (there is often a slight change in the coordinates due to the accuracy of your fingerpress').

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6 minutes ago, Elecmuso said:

At 1:26 is the moment where I find some 'finger error' is introduced. In the case of this tutorial there is no error, but when I do it often the software 'moves' the point slightly!

Yeah you've got to want those marks bad, to go through the process

- but if you look at it philosophically. You are being handed info on a platter, which you may never work out for yourself in 20 lifetimes

Spinning those wheels, pales into insignificance, when you think about the blood, sweat, tears, man hours, cash, fruitless sessions and soul destroying frustration, that goes into establishing your own marks.

Thinking of that made it easier for me, anyway😉

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Yeah I did a whole heap of marks for a mate who had moved to a new area - both public domain and stuff I found while looking at sonar charts. I sent him about 60 marks with the click of a button

He will never know the pain of spinning those wheels - but he soon learnt the benefits of having generations of fishing hotspots in his phone😉

It wasnt a completely selfless task - I only did it because I knew he wouldnt get off his arse and do it himself😉 - and when I visit  - I dont want to go out and float around without options😉


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Get hold of a PC program called OziExplorer.

It cost around $100 but I reckon its worth it.

It can download marks from a csv spreadsheet (text file, display them on a chart and convert them to numerous GPS formats, including GPX


Or you can email them to me and I'll do it for you.  I only fish SYP so you wont see my boat on your spots...... and I wont share (or sell) them either.

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