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Mulcher suitability for burley

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6 hours ago, Squid Inc. said:

I use something similar & it works a treat. After Christmas & or Easter it gets a work out, oyster, prawn & crab shells + fish bits. We add bread to the bucket, stir & freeze into 1lt milk ctns to slip into the pvc pipe burley bomb.5C0B1F55-2048-447D-A079-DDC98F37518D.jpeg.5aff49d7e4eb3811158dc445f8fbd525.jpeg

The is Squid inc. Thats the feed back I was hoping to here. I like the idea of shaping it it to fit the burly lot aswell. I have to put some thought into that

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4 hours ago, Kelvin said:

I've used an ozito garden shredder for my burley. 10kg batch every month or two for the last 5+ years. It gets a good hose out after use and is kept in the back shed away from the house. Still works fine

Thanks Kelvin. Yeah it’s the cleaning with the hose that’s got me most concerned. 

Are you careful when you hose yours out. Or do just jam the hose into all the nooks and crannies on high pressure. 

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5 hours ago, doobie said:

Some good carp there to test the mulcher YD1.

And did I see you nearly get into sprint mode towards your rod lol

Neighbours probably thinking you murdered someone under the cover of darkness, shovel and flesh/guts on the lawn :D 

Yeah the sprinting is just a by product of the “adrenaline fuelled madness” that is carp fishing😉

And I waited till after dark for 2 reasons.

After the “adrenaline dump” from chasing carp,I was a bit shagged😉

but most importantly - as soon as autumn hits. The European Wasp population explodes. They come out of their hell holes and swarm on a dead carp. But they go back to their holes in the evening.

So figured I’d break up the process to limit the amount of “continuous time” I’d be standing next to their favourite food



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