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squid tentacle cleaning?

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I've had squid tentacles in a salad style in restaurants, so I had a go at trying to clean them today. There are little hard bits in the suction cups that I tried to scrape out, without success, and cutting the suction cups off is tedious and leaves the tentacles rather mangled. Has anyone got a method or are these restaurant tentacles from a different type of squid? I'm good at the wings these days and I don't like wastage.

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I had to work this out  because my fiance likes eating my bait for some reason, best way i found was putting the clusters in iced FRESH water for 15 minutes first then just using the doobie method above rub as much of the gross bits off you can, rubbing with paper towel also  helps. Dry off well. 

Should be clean as, hot oil will sort the rest out.

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