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Port Vincent Surf Fishing

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Hey all,

I'm heading to port Vincent next week just for a short trip only be there for three days.

usually I'm a yak and land based fisherman, but I went out and bought some new surf gear including rod n reel and tackle.

Surf Rod : Shimano Aerowave 13" 3pc

Surf Reel : Shimano Baitrunner 8000D

Main line : Nomad Pandora X8 65lb

Leader : Black magic 100lb

Leader knot : FG Knot

bait : Small fish and squid

I'm just curious on two things one hows the fishing for surf fishing over there? and two can I get away with using Star 4 sinkers rather than the grapnel sinkers?

Cheers all

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No big surf near Port Vincent, any sinker will do there. Weather is good next week so even going much further south you should be fine. There are salmon along the coast further south if you can find em and get to their feeding zone. Also it's not hard to duck across the other side of YP for a day trip.

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Hi all,

So just got back from the holiday manged two salmon one 38cm and the other 40cm off the rocks and a small fiddler ray probably round 60cm

I caught three small flatty's and some kgw whiting mostly bloody trumpeters but I managed a couple of salmon trout and a mullet off the shore.

I also managed my first flatty on a small savage gear pencil lure which was exciting as this was the first time I had used the lure so I didnt really know if I was using it correctly, all I did was rod tip down and slow wind then bam little flatty jumped on.

Still beats adelaide fishing just a pitty there were heaps of trumpeters getting to the bait before the whiting.

heres a couple of photos of the trip











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Nicely done daninozz with a good couple of Salmon.

And to have a flatty take the lure for the first would have had the heart pump a bit quicker at the time lol

But good to get a bit of variety even though many small and pity about so many trumpeters.

The point does look a good fish spot and glad you enjoyed your time there.

Thanks for the write up :91_thumbsup:

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Cheers mate yeh definately happy with those, I didnt realise for kgw its actually better to fish low tide as they are really common in shallow water.

haha yeh mate I was soo happy I was just like ooh reckon im on here!

yeah the fellas on the rocks always kept cracking the joke, "I have enough trumpeters here to start a band!"

is there anyway I can prevent catching the shitties? so the whiting can have a crack?

No worries pitty the holiday ended so quickly, glad to get back before every man and his dog decides to leave on the same day, the roads would have been so busy for Easter.




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