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On a family walk around Westlakes today and came across the below.





Majority of the school was 30 and above, with a few genuine brutes that too the eye were mid 40s!!

They were just milling about, with no obvious reason for them to be there. I sat and just watched them for about 15 minutes, completely mesmerised.

For those that target Bream often, is this a normal occurrence?  

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As a local WL resident I would guess that these bream have a well-trained human who provides them with a regular feed.
Close to my home there are three generations of one family that have been feeding the bream at 4.00 pm each day for most of the 40 years I've lived by the lake.
The fish slowly sidle up to this house frontage, starting from about 2.30 pm each day, and after they've been fed they quickly disperse. They also seem to adjust to changing time zones as daylight saving switches On and Off. 
Woe betide any innocent fisherperson who walks along the path having a flick: the residents are very protective of their "flock".

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