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Hey all, 

New to the forum, so hopefully this is in the right spot.

Went fishing off the foot of the Yorke Peninsula over Easter and caught this weird fish- never seen anything like it in SA before.

We were fishing in a small dinghy (about 7m water depth).


Can anyy help identify it??

I'm thinking maybe a flute mouth but the tail doesn't seem right...





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19 hours ago, Meppstas said:

Looks like a Trumpet Fish..mainly because of the tail, a Tube mouths tail is different from what I could find..

Totally confused..😜😜



Trumpet Fish..


Tubemouth/ Tubesnout fish..

The trumpet fish has quite different fins from the fish I caught. The tube mouth fish that I researched also seems to have a different mouth to the ones that you have found (looks almost identical in the photos to what I caught).

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20 hours ago, doobie said:

Not sure - probably, but doesn't seem worth it.

I would have thrown it back anyway.

Yeah, I usually would returned it but was having a bad day! Firstly the engine wouldn't start, then for an entire afternoon all we caught was a moderate sized squid, 1 Tommy, 1 leather jacket and this fish. It was the biggest out of all of them and I really thought someone would have eaten it before!

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