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Last night I snapped the tip off my Atomic Arrowz Bream Surface rod. I was flicking a 1/4 oz jig head and must of had a line wrap near the tip, as I flicked the jig the line snapped off and then I realised it had also snapped the tip of the rod just below the top guide.

So the rod isn't a high end rod, but at RRP $147, it's not a throw away rod either. My question is how far is it worth going with the repair?

I'm confident enough to get a replacement tip and glue it on, but what about the transition from the blank to the rod top guide? From the factory it has some whipping and epoxy to make it a smooth transition, is there any problem with not having this? Should I have a go at adding the whipping and epoxy, or is the extra effort not needed (other than the cosmetic)?


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By whipping you mean the binding? You learn something new everyday.

I'm not sure it is necessary, more a aesthetics thing and throwback to the old school ceramic guides you had to bind on, but it may help stop some catching and I'd 100% do it myself, have done dozens of times in fact over the years. 

If you don't have binding thread I'd just recycle the thread from the broken tip and use the missus' clear nail lacquer as varnish.

Also you may not even need a new tip, if the old one is undamaged apart from having been attached to the snapped off part use a lighter to heat the old one then with pliers pull it off, if you're lucky it will still fit at the break.

Good luck.

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I’ve never done any binding when replacing rod tips

I just clean up the blank with a very small tooth hobby saw and stick em on with 90 second, 2 part epoxy and they are good to go with in minutes. 

binding does add a significant amount of strength to the part of the blank it’s wrapped around but I’ve never found it necessary on tip replacements

On the other hand - if you are shoving a male part down into a female - that needs to be securely bound to stop the blank splitting around the join. 

(here’s my first attempt at shoving a solid fibre glass tip section into the tip of my surf rod -  it wasn’t pretty but it’s lasted 20 years😉👍)



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