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Hi I have been surfing around looking for the best way to keep nippers alive and came across a post about using Metho, I know people use it on worms. This guy claims he soaks them in Metho for around 8 minutes then dries them off with paper towel and puts 4 in a small zip lock bags and freezes them, he says they last months and are tougher. Has anyone tried this?

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1 hour ago, doobie said:

Nope, can't say I have - worth a go if you catch some nippers (wonder if throwing them in a bag of rock salt would dry them out - just a random thought that entered my brain for a moment lol)

If the metho works they might be more natural looking. I would have thought the metho taste would put off the fish, but they don't seem to mind it on worms. 

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I dig my own bloodworms and dip them live in metho which makes them seize up and toughen up then freeze them.

Can see the method working on nippers and beach worms also.

Bream don't seem fussed about metho if you fish a whole bloodworm preserved in metho but they get picky if you cut the worms up coz they don't look natural.

Also heard stories about the folks who sprayed their lures in WD-40 and caught good fish off the jetties.

If you can source some nippers with your bait pump I would say put them live in metho before you freeze them so they don't soften up.

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