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Massive mayfly hatch on the Mersey River.

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This was a day (19th March 2021) when I was lucky enough to be in the Mersey River when there was a massive Mayfly hatch, the trout were having a great time sipping them off the surface. This was the best hatch I've seen on this river since 2009 when I was lucky enough to see a monster Dun hatch in the stretch of river..(see photo)

The trout fishing was tough going due them feeding on the Mayflys.. Actually seeing what I did was the highlight of the day for sure, the trout I caught were a bonus..


Massive dun hatch, Mersey River. Weegena. (25-11-09) 





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Best thing to see when it happens so rarely.

When I was a little fella living at Barmera I remember seeing big carp jumping out of the water about sunset.

I know now that big carp will eat the smallest insect.

Works for fly fishing but when bait fishing I still believe big worms will catch the biggest fish.

Love my scrubworms.

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Scrub worms were one of my favorites back in my day for fishing in Sth Aust too, used to dig them up near Gumeracha on the Gorge Road, we actually used to call them Hill worms back them, very big worms they were too 8 to 10 inches long...

Worms are great down here early season when the rivers are running high (clear or dirty) & cold, Wattle grubs can be used all throughout the season & grasshoppers/crickets from January to the first or second week of April.

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