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Underwater footage of redfin hunting

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On 24/07/2021 at 9:11 AM, doobie said:

Just swimming peacefully and then you see them - you'd have to be the unlucky one if eatens (obviously lol).

Yeah I dont often see the freshwater surface activity, like in the start of the vid. I mean I've seen it - Just not that often.

But the other day, I was scouting a suburban lake. (Finding no fishing signs was hard to take). But I figured I'd take a stroll anyway. I didnt know if it had anything in it other than the carp I was spotting - then the place just starts boiling in the middle of a sunny afternoon.

I did have a rod in the car but the joint had a few potential local "Karens" lurking around- so I just had to walk away and leave them boiling.

Something triggered a few separate schools to go on the hunt around the lake at the same time - Plenty of unlucky guppies skimming across the water that arvo.


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They're an effective deterrent and often fearless, when it comes to a lake they have campaigned hard, to keep anglers out of. Kind of like a swan in mating season - there is no way they can hurt you but they just keep on coming at ya

I have worked out a few strategies to repel male "Karens" but they arent PC to implement on the fairer sex😉



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I like redfin. Don't like Karen.

Redfin are pigs. Have caught 6" redfin on 10" scrubworms and they were hooked deep.

There is a Karen at Wynn Vale dam that I call the goose lady.

She likes to feed the ducks and geese right next to where we are fishing wherever we are.

Gets angry when the birds she is feeding get tangled up in our lines but hates it even more when we cuddle the ducks and safely remove the line and let them go.

I think she wants to cuddle the ducks too but when she tries to they bite her.

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