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Fathers Day Fishing Gifts

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Did anyone receive a fishing related Fathers Day Gift?

My son (9 years old) gave me a selection of squid jigs. Amazingly they are all jigs I would have selected 😉. My wife knows I'm a hard person to buy gifts for, so we have a simple arrangement; I buy what I want and store items away in a cupboard, then whether its my birthday, Christmas, etc,. and people ask her what to buy me, she can just go to the cupboard and grab an item. It's a win win, she doesn't have to shop for me and I get what I really want 😀.

The jigs are a mix of rattle, UV, and different weights for different sink rates. There are 3 size 3.0 rattle jigs that are slow sinking, 6 sec/m, for some shallow rocky areas I fish. The Yamashita Egi  OH K is a really nice jig, extremely well made; it is UV reflective and has a little fin at the back to help it stay balanced when sinking. This is a pretty heavy jig for a size 3.5 at 22g (the Daiwa size 3.5 are 18.5g), and has a sink rate of 3sec/m so sinks twice as fast as the 3.0 type S by Daiwa.


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