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A ten trout spin session..

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This trip was on the 11-9-21

I finally had a reasonable spin session today before the weather turned sour as well as taking a plunge in the water. 10 trout caught & released from 11 hook ups, all taken on the Mepps #00 gold Aglia Mouche Noire & gold Aglia Mouche Rouge inline spinners. I certainly gave the new Okuma ITX-1000 reel a good workout during my three hours in the water too, it did it's job to perfection. As soon as I caught the first trout on the first cast I knew I was in for a good spin session. On the walk back to the car I decided to give one more stretch of water a go, big mistake that was. As I made my way up in waist deep water I trip on a submerged log, Yep!! I took the plunge in the drink, drowned another camera (my third now) too.. Thank you my brain was engaged and I pulled it from the inside of my waders in quick time, it was wet and went a little hay wire when I turned it on. I rushed back to the car and dried it off with the car heater, it's back in good working order again.. Not only that, while heading back to the car I took the camera battery & memory card out to dry them off. After walking some 40 yards or so I couldn't find the memory card, I had dropped it somewhere. I back tracked and was lucky enough to spot it in the grass.. Was it luck or pure arse that I found it, I didn't really care, all that mattered was I found it, plus it had all of the mornings spin session on it as well as 2,600 other photos.. It was still a top few hours spent chasing trout anyway even with the little mishap.. 😁😁



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