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West Beach Boat Ramp Upgrade

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Well, where do I start.

I managed to get out on the boat on Australia day and launch at the so called 'new and improved'.

On the fishing front, it was very slow and didn't do well. But more importantly the ramp itself (I was curious to see what the improvements were). 

First of all, I couldn't believe my eyes that $5million was spent to 'upgrade' the ramp. On what??

To dig a few more deeper holes for the new pylons? Come on!

To put on a steel capping to 3/4 of the the existing steel divider wall where sailing club boats launch?  

the pontoons were meant to go out deeper... I don't so and IF it does, we're talking centimeters not meters. This does not help with launching and retrieving on low tides and will still take the standard 10mins minimum to retrieve per boat (by the time you dock, walk to the car and retrieve), which is WAY too long when 30 boats want to come back when the weather turns.

I've been involved in the concrete industry for 17 years and lucky enough to work with one of the original persons who helped construct the first concrete slabs for the ramp. The new precast concrete floor slabs are a joke. Mark my words, in a year or 2 time, when the algae growth starts on them, there will be cars sliding into the water if the cars are borderline to boat weight ration. These slabs should have NEVER been a 'smooth' finish. They need to be abrasive / grippy and whoever managed to convince the designers to 'cut in the grooves' after the panel was constructed, is an imbecile. What an absolute joke.

I've been harping on about it, but how there wasn't a 3rd pontoon added is a lost opportunity to make this ramp the best ramp in metro Adelaide. 

Some of the original pontoons were kept and re-used. Fine. But the least you could do is apply new rubber edging so its all uniform with the new ones.

The pay machines, 1 is out of order and the other you can barley see the screen, yet you want $15 to launch.

Good to see the useless wind turbines disappear in the wash down area, another waste of time and money experiment. 

We want to visually see a change, improvement and get bang for our buck. Apart from the new precast slabs, they have purely just polished a turd!

What an embarrassment!

End of Rant.


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Hell, I could have done all that stuffed up mess for half the price :D

But, it is a waste of a lot of money for no real improvement - if any.  Such a shame that it could have been an enjoyable ramp to launch from.

Can't wait to see how they mess up the Sullies ramp whenever it gets done 🙄

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4 minutes ago, Soobz said:


Neither major party gives a toss, but if they think they can buy some votes they will. It's just the commercials make way more noise than the recs.

Not only do commercials make more noise, they provide funds to the political parties......& are in cahoots with the whole corrupt system which includes PIRSA. Money talks, decisions made in stealth without any transparency and you just get told - these are the new rules....All just BS & totally wrong.    

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On 30/01/2022 at 2:07 PM, SurfcaztR said:

Labor's Peter Malinauskas says he has all the answers sorted for rec fisherman,i beleive him and trusted ex union organisation staffer.


..and Marshal's rhetoric before the last election...?

"we have done all our planning and we kbow what needs to be done... we are ready to go...."

If he was seeking funding for a private business venture he would be jailed for issuing a false prospectus.......


I dont see why PM should get any credibility until he acually delivers... its just another prospectus for us to swallow...

I'm a frugal home decorator... I have 1 pot of tar and 1 brush.........  and enough to daub every pollie... state and federal.... though theres a couple of independants I sort-of-like...

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What is really needed is just 1 independent that genuinely supports rec fishing. There's a reasonable chance independents will hold the balance.

Regardless, most of us agree the 2 majors are self serving lying pond scum, but unless you have personally contacted them about your rec fishing concerns then you're just rubber stamping what they do. Particularly at election time.

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