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On 08/03/2023 at 3:50 PM, Des said:

 Always inventive 😀

Yeah although the soy sauce bottle lure worked - it wasnt because it was a good idea😉 

Basically had to burn it through schools of ravenous redfin and hope one didnt look at it too long before deciding to strike😉

So those lids were begging to be repurposed



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A lot of tools you swing have a fat bit at the end - so do my rods  I originally used fat bits of cork because my guts would get bruised during Jewie season. (I used to fish for them regularly wi

sriracha sauce batter flatty nuggets

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The arrival of those fake Zmans has coincided with a bit of a dip in fish activity - both the Eps and red fin are being a bit fussy. I was throwing around some unweighted sand worms at both species this evening. That seemed to perk them up a bit.

But my standard mojiko worms are too thin to be durable enough to use on species with so many short strikes.

So I searched for some more fake ZMANS in a sandworm style.

The swimming action on these is bound to be better than stuff Ive used before



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What kind of idiot buys a cheap inflatable kayak to fish out of - This sort of idiot👍

Ive already fished out of an inflatable belly boat without putting holes in it - so I figured with the temps dropping, I may aswell get a yak aswell.

Foot room sux bad but the seat is super comfy.

I was chucking big lures for the first 2 hours without a hit - So I swapped down to a 1.5 inch paddle tail. That didnt do much but at least I got a little reddy - Then I decided to troll the 1.5 inch for the last 50m back to the car - thats when the yella scoffed it







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7 hours ago, dmck said:

I'd be too stuffed from blowing it up to go fishing!!!


I admire your stamina... can I please have some?


Haha - I take the wimps way out - I even take a seat while the 12 volt pump does all the work. I saw a bloke with a cordless usb rechargeable pump the other day - he reckons he can blow up 3 kayaks off one charge - the thing was about as big as a pack of smokes

So theres plenty of options out there for the lazy man


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