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Could Monofilament Be Superior To Fluorocarbon Fishing Line?

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My reading suggests alot of monos absorb water and lose a lot of their dry land abrasion resistance. Up to 50% in the case of Berkeley trilene mono after being underwater for 20 mins

Fluorocarbons are supposed to have a harder outer shell which doesn’t absorb water like a mono. So thats the key for me.  There are monos with a harder outer coating which don’t absorb water like Berkeley Trilene


If a test doesn’t take into consideration water absorption over a session. It’s still a good test but it is missing a vital element

Also trusting manufacturers to correctly state the diameter of their lines has proven to be a bad idea by Paulus fishing. Some manufacturers wildly over state and under state both diameters and breaking strains. 

Some braids are quoted as 14lb but actually beak at 42lb. So unless you have accurate testing gear to test diameters and breaking strains you aren’t actually getting the full picture. 

A lot of fish I catch find their way into snags during the fight. So abrasion resistance is the reason I stopped using Berkeley trilene mono and went back to flouro’s. 

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The old debate comes up all the time - in the 'old' days it was jus mono through and through and we still caught enough fish.

Now-a-days, yes fluorocarbon comes into the equation - I use FC as a leader on most rigs for jetty/rock fishing - weather it makes a real difference, I have no idea lol and I really don't care.  I'm not a fishing enthusiast :) 

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