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Easy Salt and Pepper Squid

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Ok this isn't an extravagant recipe or anything but its a handy one to know when supplies are low in the cupboard :)There are tons of Salt and Pepper Squid recipes floating around the net but I'm taking it back to basics and I've been surprised how many people overlook the simple ways of doing things sometimes.What you will need:MilkFlourSaltPepperOil (Canola or Olive, although Canola generally works better because it reaches a higher temperature)First of all clean and prepare all your squid meat however you like it. I normally have mine in strips but if you're a fan of rings, go for it. It really doesn't matter too much, just don't make them too thin or you'll very quickly just fill on batter.Soak your prepared squid meat in milk for 4+ hours before hand. This process helps tenderise the squid meat and trust me it works. Just keep it in the fridge in a bowl of milk. If you don't have 4 hours to spare but have some Kiwi fruit lying around mash it up with some water and soak the Squid meat in there for about 10 minutes. Kiwi fruit works a lot quicker but I normally use milk due to its ready availability and how cheap it is. Note that if you use Kiwi fruit you will still need some milk handy in order to help the flour stick. Rinse the kiwi fruit off the squid and drop it into milk anyway. Anyway after you've soaked your squid it should be nice and tender and ready to go. Get some flour in a bowl and now its as simple as putting as much pepper and salt in it to your taste. I normally keep putting pepper in until I can see it regularly around the flour mixture.Get a fry pan on high heat and let it heat until the pan is almost smoking, then dip your squid meat into the flour mix giving it a nice covering, the milk should hold the mix on. Then chuck it in the pan, give it 20 seconds then turn it over and give it another 20 seconds and it is done. I recommend this recipe when wanting to get a quick easy meal for 1 or 2. If you're feeding a whole family the battering process can be tedious and I find that when you try and prepare all the strips before hand and cook them at once the batter rubs off from all the different pieces rubbing during cooking. For those that are lazy, one way to quickly cover all your meat with the mixture is to put it in a plastic bag all together and give it a shake then just pick the pieces out.

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