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I have a Maxer 27 SMD LED Prawn Light. It's reasonable.

It's light weight from the perspective that it doesn't require a large battery, as it runs of 3 D cell batteries. It's reasonable from the perspective it has the light output you would expect from something utilising 3 D cell batteries.

I don't use it for gigging, I use it for wading the shallows at night for crabs or dab garfish.

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Light weight and hydrodynamic is much more important than I thought it would be when putting this monstrosity together😉

I ended up buying the one these skinny yellow battery operated ones the guys use in the video but lost interest in it and never used it -

I just turned it on then and the batteries still worked so it has very little drain over the years





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10 hours ago, Rybak said:

I presume you mean a Dabbing Light. 

Water proof LED torches work really well under water on calm nights or with a slight ripple. Just tape to an electrical PVC pipe to the torch...

Yeah torches and batteries have come so far over recent years - if I looked at the specs on my 6 year old flounder light, theres no way I would buy it again today.

While its still effective, its only 250 lumens, which isnt a bright light. But i imagine the low lumens, is what gives it its 5 hour run time and you have to keep that in mind for a flounder light

As long as you can find a dive light with enough flood in it - and one that could maintain peak performance for a few hours on one set of batteries - a dive or waterproof torch would be a very solid option.

With the $75 I paid for my yellow flounder light - I could buy a much more powerful dive torch and just strap that to a broom handle or bit of pvc pipe

Sofirn is a brand at the lower end of the price bracket, that has a grudging respect of guys who buy torches for 5 to ten times the price. And the guys Ive spoken to say the water proof seals are excellent.

Mine sofirns have survived dunk tests with no issues and mine arent rated for diving - so Imagine their dive torches are even better

For $50 you get a rechargeable torch and battery - that will run 8.5 hours on 320 lumens - with the option flick a switch and get 1000 lumens for 2.5 hours or 3000 lumens for 1.5 hours.


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Nice one👍 Love the set up

I was convinced by an old flounder guru to make a 2 pronged, heavy spear with long spear shafts and no barbs.

Its a serious weapon that worked much better than I though it would.

He reckoned barbs on the shaft, just slow you down when removing fish and I found that to be true aswell - and the extra weight really helps drive the spear home on those "One inch Punch" style jabs. Especially on boney headed flathead

Your set up looks great 👍- just putting up another option for the diy spear.





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