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Marino Rocks - Land Based

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Weather looks OK tomorrow and I thought I would try Marino Rocks for squid. I don't know this area for land based fishing, so would appreciate some advice on best time/tide to go.

Low tide is 10.45am and high tide is 5.07pm. Is it possible to fish this area on the high tide, or do you need a low tide to get out onto the rocks?



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It only really fishes well if the water is clear. It is also easier with no wind or an offshore breeze.

Low tide, fish to the right so you can get out to the far rocks.

Fishing to the left can also be ok as the squid can be close in the weed in about 2 to 3m depth. I've pulled quite a few from the Yak there within 20m of shore.

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Headed to Marino Rocks this morning. Water was reasonably clear. Weather was a bit average, wind started to pick up and there a slight drizzle.

I had waders on so was able to get out to a nice little rock ledge and start casting around jigs.

I used slow sinking jigs, but still snagged a couple of times. Luckily I was able to clear the snag each time.

Caught 2 squid over 1.5 hours, not great but better than a doughnut.

As the tide dropped I saw a lure wedged in a rock, which turned out to be a 10g Halco twisty. Nice little find.

A good way to spend the morning.

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