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I like fishing the Dodge tides for Yellow Fin Whiting.


I posted a detailed explanation of the factors in this post:



So to start the New Year with a couple of days of dodge tides was something to look forward to.

It was a sunny day. The water temperatures were up there, at around 23C. The small tide was perfect to hold and concentrate the fish for me.

I went to work with my trusty Sugapen 95 in the MB16 colour. And there was plenty of interest straight away.

Pretty soon the polite enquiries towards my lure became full blown, “I’ll take that. Thanks.”

There was a purple patch in which I took 10 fish in the first hour of fishing. The temperature, the tide, the sun, and a perfect stiff breeze, all had the YFW at their aggressive best.

It got competitive with the YFW. What a delightful sight it is to see a gang of YFW all trying to shoulder each other out of the way, competing to be the first to jump onto your lure skipping on the surface.

Sometimes in a tight contest, there is close second. And so it was when two YFW hit my lure together.


For many I unusually use two sets of Assist hooks on my larger lures. I have Atomic Trick Bitz #8 hooks on the rear and Ecogear ZX hooks in the middle. In about 40% of cases the YFW will hit the middle assist hook. And when there is competition and a close race you wind up with a Double Header on a lure ! 


A special experience that I have been lucky to have had a couple of times previously. In the past, they have been mostly the smaller supper eager inexperienced fish.

Today they were quality fish. It was a struggle bringing them in … oooh! maybe a new PB. It turned out to be two quality fish at 35cm and 38cm. Both well hooked on the same lure.


I enjoyed that purple patch, for not long, as soon the wind came in stronger and stronger and the fishing got harder and harder. When it got to 20-25 knots wading got impossible and the fish no where to be seen.

I was able to bag 17 fish before the wind shooed them all away.


This is the prime time of the year for big YFW whiting. As the high water temperatures hold a lot of new season’s juvenile prawns in the shallows. And they are the right sized meal for the big ravenous YFW. Most fish caught were over 35cm and 3 fish were around 40cm.


Can’t wait for the next dodge tide. Hopefully the weather and wind will also be favourable.


Happy New Year and Tight Lines to all.


Cheers, Des

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Top report and pics Des, lovely catch there as well.. Now, what about adding another hook to the lure and go for a new record of three being caught on the one lure... I reckon you'd be up for the challenge. great work on the YF as always Des..



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