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Wind change fires up the trout.

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This trip was to a small river just five minutes from home, this stretch of river was one I used to fish quite often until the record floods back in 2016. That flood really knocked the guts out of this little stream as did another one back in 2022, this trip I wanted to see if the trout had returned in this stretch of river. 

cheers Adrian (meppstas)


Dasher River. 8843 (Large).JPG

Dasher River. 8872 (Large).JPG

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Thanks Booma, it was good to see the trout were back in this little river, 2016 we had a record flood that wiped out 5 road bridges on the Mersey River as well as flooding the whole Merseylea area where over 300 dairy cattle were washed away. The Mersey River rose 7.5 metres in 2016.

When things finally settled down I managed to get a few photos of the damage on the Mersey River, it wasn't good either. Thankfully we've only had one other flood since then..

cheers Adrian


2 A couple of dairy cows that made it to one bit of high ground at Merseylea. (6-6-16) (Large).JPG

1 Mersey River, Merseylea.(15-10-22) (Large).JPG

1 Mersey River floods in record rainfalls.. (6-6-16) (Large).JPG

1 Megaliters of floodwater at Merseylea. (7-6-16) (Large).jpg

2 All that's left of the Merseylea Bridge. (15-6-16) (Custom) (Large).JPG

2 Another section of the Merseylea Bridge washed away. (17-6-16) (Large).JPG

2 Mersey River, Merseylea. 3928 (Large).JPG

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