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Spring Snapper Rolls

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Wanted to try a different way of eating snapper. I did it this way and the result was much appreciated by all the family.I am sure there will be ways to improve on this but I will write down what I did.I used fillets from a 50cm snapper, a piece of spring onion roughly the size of a mans middle finger and a clump of parsley similar in size to the piece of spring onion.Skinned and boned fillets of snapper.Spring OnionParsleySoy SauceBoiled RicePastry sheets for spring rolls (Pack of 20 from shop for $2.20)Egg whiteTurn oven on to 190 - 200 C and pre warmThaw the pastry sheet well for an hour or so still leaving them in the sealed pack.Finely chop up the spring onion and a clump of parsleyThin slice the snapper fillet (3-4 mm thick slices) - then chop the slices a bit to make smaller pieces.Mix the chopped up fillets, spring onion and parsley in a bowl, add some boiled rice so the mix is roughly 40% rice and 60% other stuff. Sprinkle some soy sauce over the top then stir it all up until well mixed.Take the pastry sheets out of the packet and spread a number of them over your kitchen bench. Spoon two heaped tablespoons or so of the mix onto each pastry sheet. With your fingers form the fish mix into a roll maybe 10cm long. Fold the pastry as shown on the pack, first one corner over the middle of the roll of fish mix. Then the two corners in over the ends of the fish mix, now roll the pastry / fish mix towards the remaining corner of the pastry sheet to make a "spring roll". Use a smear of egg white to glue the last corner on to the roll.Lay the rolls on an oven tray (lightly sprayed to stop sticking) then spray or brush all the rolls with olive oil to help them brown in the oven.Bake in the oven for 15 - 20 minutes and they will be done.My lad just had some left overs cold and said they were very nice cold.

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