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Worlds most tender squid

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coight wrote:

I like my squid rubbery!!! soft squid reminds me too much of that crap you get at some fish and chip shops, you know the stuff that aint real squid.Had lots of restaraunt squid never been happy. i reckon the best squid comes from barnacle bills :)

Nothing Pi.... me off more than getting served up that crap fake squid!!

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Thanks for the tip reelin.I love calamari.I have soaked it in milk a few times and that seems to soften it up a bit.I will certainly give this a go.Must get down to Seacliff rocks and catch a few.PS. Have a look at the sexy loops posts(Paul Arden) on you tube.They tie an excellent squid tube fly using chuppa chup sticks.I've had great success with this even better than Yo Zuri's.Cheers Rollcast

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