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Hi fellas, thought I would kick start an old thread and see what you guys have been catching. This is my biggest mully, didn't get the weight but was 141cms tip to tip. Caught on the west coast a few years ago, been a mulloway drought for me since then unfortunately. A lack of fishing doesn't help, hahaha, cheers


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Wow some killer pics guys had an awesome run on the mullies during feb march in the port but all around the 65cm mark had a cracker day when i landed a fish a cast totalling about 20 fish around the 65cm mark not huge but fun on plastics posted about it back the but seeing how we are bragging lol! All the other pics give a bit to much away.




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That's a nice fish adamibinfishin, it's been a dream of mine to fish the FWC and get into fish like that.


Here's my biggest so far, my first ever mully actually, caught on my first trip to Salt Creek a few years ago, she went 85cm, unfortunately the picture isn't great,




Here's my biggest lure caught from the Onk, 65cm, tagged and released,



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My Mullas are small compared to alot of the ones in this thread - Some of those beasts are scary big😲

But I dont subscribe to the theory of "Rig for the fish of a life time - everytime" - Its because I lack the discipline to endure nights without runs.

Where I fish - leader thickness can mean the difference between 10 runs and none - so hats off to you blokes with the tenacity to fish with appropriate tackle

I bumped into a trophy hunter with 100lb braid and 100lb leaders - I landed 6 Jews in his presence and he didnt bat an eyelid - He was chasing a completely different animal to the ones I was landing.

He hunted "APEX Jewies"  - the ones most people confuse with those ginormous Black Sting Rays when they start stripping mono off a reel.

The fish he was chasing, have no fear of leaders, because since they got to 20kg, they've been able to bust every leader they taken into their mouth.


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