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I'm not into stinky Carp but late last year my mate Matt Gorne talked me into joining him in a metro session. By memory it was my 1st cast and I got this beast i.e. 95.5cm @ 14.36kg.  Was also nice to

Went down to St. Peter's billabong today for an hour b4 the rain came and got 2 60+ and this 1

is the video of softy swimming in the torrens while fishing for carp on this site yet...

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afishyfish wrote:

Dunno what the record weight is, but after getting one last year a bit over 21Lbs, I got this one recently that went 11 Kilos ( 24.2) on some old scales Posted ImageDidnt get the length but had to be close to 80 Cms I'd say :ohmy:

your pic didint work?the top fish in this pic is my 11lb and the second fish is AfishyFish's monster!!Posted Image
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afishyfish wrote:
Del wrote:
Posted Image
your pic didint work?
The pic above worked OK DEl, but I had a bit of an issue triming it via Photobucket :huh::P :side: :blink: :S :laugh:Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I deleted the photo from my account to I could play around with trimming it, and now realise that as its gone from P/bucket its gone from here too :side: I'll hafta re-load it :S
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SMSd a mate " Wanna drown some bread?". He handnt wet a line since Mar last year :blink:  and his missus was under the weather, having an nanna nap so was pretty keen.


As he lives down that way, we checked out that "secret spot" in the pic above.


Nothing moved 3 times over 3hrs.....changed baits bread, corn & nightcrawlers. SFA :(!


Damn it was geting cold standing round talking s**t with no bites so decided it was time to pack up and have a beer.


We were fishing slightly apart from each other, so had to walk back to my rods. Noticed the braid on my heavy outfit (8lb vs 6lb)wasn't as slack as i left it , tho not tight either (bail arm was open). Lifted the rod, expecting nothing, bang set the unweighted circle into a fat carp!


Bit of a run, jump out of the water and certainly didnt want to come in. After around 15mins mate was able to grab the leader and get is foul juices on his hands as a consolation prize.


bong carp.JPG


A filthy, fat mud monster. Went 64cm and must have been over 5kgs, estimated only (think i'll invest in some scales).


I know its not the biggest but hey, havn't been fishing for ages so was pretty stoked. Plus only the 3rd time ive targetted carp and certainly my PB.



One interesting note: this was landed at 1700hrs, i took it home in a plastic bag in the back of hte ute and chucked it on the front lawn, so the young fella could have a look (might turn it into burley yet?). At 2200hrs when i hit the sack,  it was still gulping!


Mate was saying he used to catch them at Mannum, take them back home (in Adelade). Once chucked them in the bathtub full of water just for the hell of it (his missus must have been away) recons overnight, half hand fully revived!


Thought he was full of s**t but after last night, i beleive that story. Man they are nasty, tough SOBs!bong carp.JPG

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I have heard of people catching them.. leave them on the bank all day then when they are ready to leave thinking there dead.... Only to see them swim away! :lol:


Nice fish to, would have been good fun!

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Nice mate! Glad u got 1 ;)

U did better than us. We were the 1's fishing when u were walking back.

Missed a couple, but no hookups.

Water was very dirty... That's my excuse :)

Haven't had much luck on either just bread or just worm, but both together seems to do the job!

Soy and linseed bread I've found is the best.

They also seem to like it if u don't squash the bread into a dough. Just enough to make it sink very slowly.

I hold my rod and every few minutes very slowly lift it up off the bottom as high as I can, and let it sink back down again.

I get a lot of fish taking it while it's moving! But again , as slowly as possible!

Same way I use my squidgies for bream in winter.

Also get most fish quite close to the edges. Look for the big bubbles, I'm sure that's them feeding in the mud... Or farting :)

Not sure y more people don't fish for them?

Awesome fun on light gear! And excellent angling practice!

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