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    Firstly, MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of our fellow Hookers Thought I would share my attempt at a festive themed video lol. Here we try something a little different. Obviously we love our fishing/camping/4WD but in this video I try and get my craft on with our other passion . . . Beer The idea for these baubles came from a random ebay purchase whilst under the influence of said passion lol. Feel free to hit the "Subscribe" button to catch our videos as they are uploaded Enjoy.
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    Don't know about others experience but at least 90% caught blind trolling, no surface activity at all. I have around 5-6m of leader Cheers Rod
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    I’ve never found them to descriminate, yesty they ate 3 different divers n the biggest went the skirt in the motor wash . Hardest part of tuna fishing is finding them, the rest is easy.
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    Agree that the blind troll is the way to locate the schools but I'll let the rest of the crew look after that and my outfit sits in the launcher waiting for the action to start! We do all of our tuna fishing off Pondilowie Bay and the way the fish behaved varied with every trip. Our biggest fish wasn't even caught on a lure.
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    I like my leader to be well and truly on the spool when the fish is near the boat. Speeds up the capture I think. Minimum 2 rod lengths. As for lures, I like to wait till the fish are found and launch Adagio 125 heavies. Would rather catch one on a sticky than bag out on the troll.
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    Find a school feeding on the surface and throw 5-6" surface lures like a pencil popper or a spook at them. Best fun you'll ever have!
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    G'day Dragging around lures to no avail is one of the aspects to Tuna trolling I have found much better success with the shallow divers, but generally once you find them it seems they will attack anything going through the water. We use a couple of halcos close in the middle and not far out and a couple of skirts on the outsides and they go for them all. We usually have to do a trip or 2 with no result before success. These lures have caught quite a few fish over the last 3 years and I will have to decide whether to retire them to the pool room or send them in to battle again in 2018 :-)
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    Here is something that might fascinate a few .... Have a good look at this site ... Even some Australian ones' amongst them all ...... Shark Tracking SF
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