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    I am not sure what exactly you are looking for T L However, these 3 rods are what I take out on a session. They are ALL PFLUEGERS !!! An Exceptional rod for YFW and available at a ridiculous price of $79.00 for a rod with such quality materials and components. $79.00. Review the details on the website below. https://www.motackle.com.au/pflueger-trion-rod-clearance.html Now they are all a bit different. 701UL 7ft 1-3Kg - Standard no modifications. That I use for the lightest of lures. 701L 7ft 2-4Kg - Butt extended by 9" to improve casting for Medium lures. 701L 7ft 2-4Kg - Butt extended by 9" ... & ... the tip shortened (broken) to the second guide for heavier lures. So I play around with 3 different options on any given day depending on the conditions and lures I want to use. Cheers, Des PS. I also have Samaki C12 Gen2 7ft 3-8Lb, Shimano Raider 721 7ft 1-4Kg, Shimano Bushy Lure Long cast 792SP 1-4Kg ... all also very good. Plus Samaki and Daiwa travel rods in 2-4Kg that work perfectly well at home. Yet ... I alaways take out the Pfluegers fo YFW
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