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    Smoked Shark

    Jackmac... try smoking slimy mackeral it may just jump to your #1
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    Wading bags

    Just saw an ad for bcf and they have a good looking bag going out for $15 i'd grab that and be done!.....
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    Wading bags

    Thanks lofty, I know the type. I’m a diesel mechanic and have a similar waxed canvas bag I used for smoko that I’m sure will outlive me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Wading bags

    Thanks Chuck, I already grabbed an Ugly Stik bag, but will consider one of these as a back up for the price. [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Wading bags

    Some good ideas there ,and maybe look outside of the box, I have had a tool bag ,that I use when fishing creek beds , along the beach or rivers, made out of canvas , simple bag with 1 main flap ,a main area and 2 pockets on the inside ,I have had this bag for 10 years ,and still going strong . I was a boilermaker /welder so has to take some hard knocks ,tools etc . I will try and get a picture up , as it is simple ,and works .
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    Wading bags

    I run a tub, similar to TL. I also use a scaling bag with a toggle on the drawstring as my catch bag. You can easily drag this around your waist ..tho the rays, bronzies & doggies (shark) can get rather curious! A mate uses 2 of these from Motackle: https://www.motackle.com.au/yellow-beach-shoulder-fishing-bag.html 1 for tackle, 1 for fish and lure fishing mostly. Pretty cheap..100% waterproof is a bit of a misnomer!
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    An arvo in the Swamp

    Amazing - brings back memories - wish drones were around back in the old AAA days. I remember months out before the freshwater state championships, we would head down to Tip Top Bakery at Maylands and get all of the breadcrumbs that were destined for scrap. Im talking tubs full of the stuff. Then weekend after weekend, we'd head to our chosen spot, spend the night making burley bombs, and literally bombard the backwater. Did this up until a week or so before the comp - and then on comp morning - arriving to the location it would look like a bubbling spa bath of monster carp. Youd not only be catching them all day, youd have them swimming between your legs. The only down side was carrying the bags of fish out of the swamp to the car - sometimes it was a very long walk!
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    Wading bags

    If you are standing in the water then may be a scaling bag tied to the belt might be more convenient,i got a Alvey bag and found it awkward casting lures or when standing knee deep the scaling bag will keep the fish alive.Just another option. https://www.bcf.com.au/p/neptune-scaler-bag/127061.html https://www.hookedonline.com.au/jarvis-walker-fish-keeper-bag-with-2-inch-mesh-dra
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