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    I'm reluctant to share this Vid, as my camera sucks in low light - but there might be something in it. White light tends to illuminate the hell out of an area - but yellow light gives a truer representation of the colours you would see in day light - and for what its worth - I find when I'm spot lighting fish - they are much more likely to spook on a white light than a yellow light
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    I actually got into the whole flashlight thing , with the new batteries and led technology. Trust me there is no way that thing has 8000 lumens, The lights with that sort of output only do it for short periods of time on turbo mode because they get too hot and have an automatic shutdown .They step down to a lower brightness.As far as I know there is no headtorch with this out put.Hand held yes.I have one handheld that has a beam range of 1 km and it is only the same size of a coke can If shone in someones face on stobe mode it can cause temporary blindness, they are used for self defence.. Some of the best headlamps these days are very compact and lightweight, A brilliant brand is Nitecore for headlamps,lightweight reasonably cheap and very good quality. There are even websites dedicated to the whole flashlight thing,pretty geeky I know but collecting them can get addictive. Here is a brief clip of a nitecore TM06S handheld, just one of the many brilliant lights available.
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    Haha - trust me, I understand your pain. I would have to be the most considerate head torch user known to man. I always ask for permission from fellow anglers before turning it on and I'm extremely mindful of where the beam is pointing. The guys I fish with are veteran head torch users, so the "rookie errors", alot of people make, do not occur in my circle. I have introduced alot of people to the joys of head torches but after a few years I started giving safety briefings before handing them out. For instance - If I was going camping with a new crew I'd always buy some cheapies from bunnings. (Mainly so they would stop asking to borrow mine) Watching a newb use one for the first time, is a night mare. Direct blasts to your eyes - Shining them over the water at inopportune times and "over use" are the major crimes. But on the head of a considerate gentleman - A head torch is a weapon that has greatly increased my catches - my head torch has been responsible for unlocking angling secrets that would never have been discovered otherwise. - this fish would not have been caught if I hadn't "Head Torched" the area the night before
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