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    I've used each size, for the two smaller ones I use these techniques for the following species. Snook: Constant roll with steady twitching and the occasional pause Bream: slow roll with lots of pauses Callop: slow roll with twitches and pauses Salmon: quick wind Mulloway: slow roll with intermittent pauses or hard fast cranks followed by a sharp pause if they are sitting mid water. Redfin: slow roll with pauses and twitches Trout: Steady wind with the odd change of pace thrown in Small cod: Similar to the callop retrieve They are a very versatile lure, I don't mind trolling them either but they aren't my first pick.
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    HB tragic

    How to: Daiwa Double Clutch lures?

    The simple answer is yes I can but where I am fishing will determine this risk. I tend to use the 60's for this style of fishing them. Regards HBt.
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    This guy is known for using DC and sugar pen lures just about every video he puts out,look thru his vids and you will be entertained
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