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    My 10,000th Tasmanian wild trout..

    Well I finally caught my 10.000th Tasmanian wild trout since we moved here back in March 2000.. it's a milestone I never gave a thought to until the start of this trout season when I was going through my end of season reports when I noticed I only needed 129 trout to reach 10,000 trout here in Tassie.. So yesterday and only needing another seven trout I reached it, actually caught & released fourteen all up.. cheers Adrian
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    Top stuff Adrian, brilliant fishing and enviable determination in tallying every fish; I know I wouldn't have had the patience! Hopefully there's still plenty of trout seasons left in you yet.
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    Biggest Redfin Perch?

    Hi all wondering what the biggest Redfin Perch is that has been caught in SA waters. I managed a Pb pushing 40cms on the weekend, not huge but a cracker fish for a freshwater novice like me. Whats your biggest? Cheers LL
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    Biggest Redfin Perch?

    46 Cm from memory
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    Biggest Redfin Perch?

    Found a photo of the big girl. She may have seen even better days previously, judging by the size of her head, but what a beast it was.
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    Biggest Redfin Perch?

    3 Reddies in a sesh over 40 thats some fine angling there Braids
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    southie THE BANGA

    Biggest Redfin Perch?

    Mine to this day is 44.5cm Between two of us we caught easily 70 Reddies...... Got 3 Fish in 3 casts they went 42.5cm, 43.5cm then this one at 44.5cm Was an epic day......
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